Death certificates

When a person dies, there are three things that must be done in the first few days:

Medical Certificate of Cause of Death

You will need to get a medical certificate of cause of death. This may be issued by a hospital doctor or by one of the doctors here at Harborne Medical, depending on the circumstances. We will make every effort to complete this as soon as possible, where it is within our power.

Register the Death

You will need to register the death. See here for further details. If the death has been reported to the coroner, the coroner must give permission before registering the death. You can register the death if you are a relative, a witness to the death, a hospital administrator or the person making the arrangements with the funeral directors.

Funeral Arrangements

The funeral can usually only take place after the death is registered. Most people use a funeral director, though you can arrange a funeral yourself. It may be best to choose a funeral directors who is a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors, National Federation of Funeral Directors or the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors. If you need help with the cost a funeral, or wish to arrange your own funeral please contact Birmingham City Council.

For further advice see:

Bereavement Advice Centre for practical support

NHS website and Help Guide for coping with grief.