Home Visits

Home visits are for patients who housebound due to chronic illness.

All requests for home visits should be made before 10:30 am otherwise the patient may not be seen until the next day. Home visits are prioritised on a daily basis due to clinical need. Most home visits are provided by our Advanced Nurse Practitioner.

A clinician may phone first to assess the most appropriate course of action – this may be advice over the phone, an appointment in the surgery or a home visit.

A consultation in the surgery is always preferable to a home visit as there is better equipment, examination facilities and emergency supplies.

A home visit is very time-consuming, and a clinician can often see four or five patients in the surgery in the time it takes to do one home visit, so please try to attend the surgery where possible. If you are able to visit the hospital outpatient department, dentist, hairdresser, shops etc then you must attend the surgery.