Dental Care

We are unable to provide dental care at Harborne Medical. If you have toothache or any other dental problems, you must see a dentist. We do not prescribe antibiotics for dental infections because these require proper assessment by a dentist. The dentist is able to prescribe antibiotics if he or she deems it is necessary.

Local dentists include:

Metchley Dental Practice
23 Metchley Lane
B17 0HP
0121 427 5069
Cottams Dental Practice
1 St Peter’s Rd
B17 0AT
0121 428 2824
Harborne Dental Practice
177 Knightlow Rd
B17 8PY
0121 420 2323
Lordswood Dental Practice
54 Lordswood Rd
B17 9DA
0121 428 4294

If you need emergency dental treatment out of hours please see this link.