Eye Conditions

Patients registered with Harborne Medical are entitled to use the free Minor Eye Conditions Service nearby. This service treats things such as red eyes, eyelid problems, dry eyes, grittiness, irritation and inflammation of the eye, recent loss of vision, recent sticky eyes and foreign bodies in the eye. Children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult. You do not need a doctor’s referral. Please contact one of the opticians below:

Specsavers Opticians
136 High Street
B17 9NN
0121 426 0810
Vision Express
144 High Street
B17 9NP
0121 428 4835
Brittain Opticians
97 High Street
B17 9NR
0121 427 1007
Looks Opticians
154 High Street
B17 9PN
0121 427 3535
Bainbridge Opticians
93 High Street
B17 9NR
0121 427 8201
James Ernest Optometry
26 The Circle
B17 9DY
0121 448 6606
Boots Opticians
235-237 Hagley Road
B16 9RR
0121 454 3355
Specsavers Opticians
599 Bearwood Road
B66 4BJ
0121 420 0340
Eye Opticians Ltd
44 Islington Row
B15 1LD
0121 456 5676
Bainbridge Opticians
502 Bearwood Road
Smethwick B66 4BX
0121 429 6006

If your problem is severe (eg such as worsening pain, suddenly reducing vision, previous corneal transplant) please go to Eye Casualty at the Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre which is located in City Hospital, 76 Dudley Rd, Birmingham B18 7QH. Phone: 0121 507 4440

Eye health in older adults

If you’re aged 60 or over, you can have a free eye test at least every two years on the NHS. There are other ways you can keep on top of the condition of your eyes in the meantime, these include wearing sunglasses, eating healthily and quitting smoking.